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B-Con Engineering - optical engineering, 5 axis diamond turned optics, lens design
B-Con Engineering - optics, aspheric optics, diamond turned optics, freeform opticsAerospace - DefenceDefenseBiotechnologyDisplay - TechnologyAutomotiveB-Con Engineering - optics, aspheric optics, diamond turned optics, freeform opticsB-Con Engineering - optics, aspheric optics, diamond turned optics, freeform optics

Optical Engineering - Diamond Turned Optics, Moulded Aspheres, Prototype Optics

B-Con offers optical engineering services, including optical device and lens design, prototyping, and rapid production. We specialize in freeform and plastic optics, but also manufacture optical flats, prisms, spheres, and aspherics optics in glass, crystal, ceramic, and metal, with di-electric coatings. Our products are certified in-house on a Zygo GPI phase measuring interferometer.

With B-Con's optical engineering services, you will benefit from superior optical performance for your systems, because we design systems with fewer components and optical surfaces, thereby reducing costs for components and system assembly.

Optical Engineering Design Services

B-Con's optical engineering services include:

  • 5-Axis Diamond Turning - expands optical design horizons by facilitating the machining of multipart optical systems as a single unit including the optical components and the mounting system in a single machined piece. Using this technology we can machine virtually any surface that can be described.
  • Ruled Optics for Hyper Spectrometer - for use in ground imaging.
  • Advanced Metrology Solutions - using remote access CNC process control, programmable logic controls, PID loop control strategies, and custom human-machine interfaces
  • Precision Refractive and Reflective Optics (UV to Far IR Spectrum) - produced from a wide range of materials including non-ferrous metals, coated ferrous, and space age composites and crystals
  • Airborne Mirrors / Reflectors - ultra light nickel plated aluminum beryllium, ultra light nickel plated aluminum, advanced aerospace alloys, and titanium mirrors for IR applications.
  • CNC fabrication - 44"X by 16"Y by 20"Z working envelope, tolerances to 0.0001
  • Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT)
  • Spherical Gratings
  • Ultra Rugged Coatings
  • Photonics
  • Conventional High-Precision Optic Fabrication (Polishing) - Cylinders and Torics
  • Precision Optical Plating

B-Con Engineering - optics, aspheric optics, diamond turned optics, freeform optics